Carlotta Valdes

Carlotta Valdes

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Carlotta Valdes is a new musical collective led by Emil Lähteenmäki, best known as the keyboardist of the gold selling Finnish progressive metal band Stam1na.

Praha is the debut album of Carlotta Valdes. Consisting solely of instrumental pieces, ‘Praha’ draws inspiration from classic prog rock, cinematic music, jazz and video game music. For his instrumental composition, composer and keyboardist Lähteenmäki has brought together a convincing ensemble of Finnish musicians from the world of Finnish metal music, rock and jazz fusion.

”Carlotta Valdes is about searching for something I’ve lost or haven’t even found yet but still feel deeply within me. It is also a celebration of melodic instrumental music which I think is something we completely neglect in modern popular music” says Lähteenmäki.